Sound Souvenirs aims to inform a wide audience of the results of the research project Sound Technologies & Cultural Practices. We have therefore developed different activities with various partners. Currently we are collaborating with:

  • Museum Het Domein, Sittard website
  • Intro/ In Situ Maastricht website

    Earlier projects were accomplished with:

  • Amsterdams Historisch Museum website
  • Energetica – Nationaal Publiekscentrum voor Energie te Amsterdam website

    Participants in Sound Souvenirs affiliated to the universities are:
    Prof. dr. Karin Bijsterveld (UM) website
    dr. Ruth Benschop (UM)
    Prof. dr. José van Dijck (UvA) website
    drs. Bas Jansen (UvA)
    drs. ir. Annelies Jacobs (UM)
    Tessa Reijnders (UM)

  • Partners